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A great tool for search trend analysis

Saturday May 13, 2006

I’ve been checking out Google Trends recently and am really enjoying it. It’s a service from Google that lets you enter a search term and view the search activity of that term over a month, year, or several year period. Even though it doesn’t give specific numbers, I really like it because it can tell you what times of the year searches are higher.

Take for example wedding favors
Now I’m interested in this because of our wedding favor store, FavorTakeout.com. If you look at the graph you can see that searches are highest during the months of July and August. You can also see that searches after August really drop off, until about mid-December. I can use that information to judge how many sales we might make throughout the rest of the year. We can also use this information to make decisions about how and when to market our store.

Regardless of what type of business you have, you can use Google Trends to get an idea of when there is the most interest in your product or service. This can be especially helpful if you have a product or service that is seasonal.

To checkout Google Trends, head over to: http://www.google.com/trends

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